My Childhood

As I run out of blog ideas, I decided to scroll through my old photos then it hit me, why not make a blog about my childhood?

Traveling back to my childhood brings a lot of worth keeping memories that I would love to share but it will be too long to share all of them. You maybe asking “What comes first into your mind if you’re reminded about your childhood?” then my answer would be “short hair” and “cousins” now here are some pics that will make you understand.

No matter how dorky I look in the pictures I grew up shy but of course as I became older my confidence started building up.

To be honest, 40% of my childhood was about me being with my cousins (ate Danah and Hans) though they live in Nagcarlan, Laguna at that time, we still managed to meet and play. But, as the saying goes “nothings stays the same” when I was in grade 3 they migrated to another country “Canada” because their father works their. Worry not, they visit the Philippines every two or three years but we’re not as close as before.

Fun facts when I was a child
1) When I wake up in the morning I always watch Cinderella.
2) I love watching bob the builder and post man pat in the afternoon.
3) I love pigtails (obv in the pics)
4) When I bend down, I always end up hurting my head because I have a big forehead 😦 lol
6) I was called “Kikay” as a kid
7) Shy af
8) Love making pictures w/bubble text story/slideshows in power-point
10) Hated snow white bc idrk

Since I was a kid I grew up with short hair and that’s why I always dreamed of having a long hair, that was when I promised myself that when I get older I’ll grow my hair super long and I did, but I grew tired of my long hair and then decided to cut it again lmao (not as short as before).

Crazy dreams, imaginations, memories, friends & experiences, crazy yet something memorable. It’s something I would love to look back to and be thankful that I experienced my childhood with those amazing people/places/things and a lot more.



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