Miri, Malaysia

Hours of driving from Brunei can take you to Miri, Malaysia.

Traveling to another country by land? Well here it is. One goal achieved finally!

For me this is a place that is filled with wonderful memories and even things that I did for the first time, like holding a bear in a very popular place to visit the “Crocodile Farm”

I know you must be asking “why is she holding a bear if it’s a crocodile farm?” to answer that, well the featured animal there were crocodiles so animals like bears, birds & a lot more are well, they are what you call bonus points? lol


Not only that we visited the “Crocodile Farm” but we also challenged ourselves by walking on a lot of hanging bridge.10881650_824033694305008_3648904839259370537_n

We didn’t really got a chance to finish it until the end because it was really tiring and it was getting dark.

Overall the experience was something new yet really memorable. I would love to visit this place again.




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